Thursday 15.10.2009                   9:00–13:00 

Preliminary agenda of the parallel meeting of

“Simulation and mechanical design WGs

conveners: O. Stezowski & D. Jenkins

 (Room  3109, basement)



Dorothée Lebhertz (~15 min)

"Spherical designs and application to the radiative capture case



Dipak Chakrabarty (~20 min)
"GDR experiment with an ideal six-box two-layered detector array: an EGS simulation"


Michal Ciemala (10-15 minutes)

"Simulation results of energy resolution change in phoswitch like detector type in dependence of the size of crystal"


Olivier Stézowski (~20 minutes)
"Response function at high multiplicity: first algorithms"


Anil K. Gourishetty

“Geatn4 simulation of single LaBr3 and NaI crystal”


Jonathan Strachan  (10-15 minutes)

"Review of Mechanical options for PARIS"