New FORUM - by Szymon_Myalski 21/11/2008 @ 19:34

New FORUM was introduced, to provide proper place for discussions and workgroup collaboration. It's only for members of our collaboration.

Please register HERE to grant access.

PARIS in Zakopane - by Adam Maj 28/08/2008 @ 22:59

Profiting from the fact that a number of PARIS collaborators will be present at the Zakopane Conference ( there will be an informal PARIS collaboration meeting organized there, at which status of the PARIS project and perspectives will be discussed. It will take place Wednesday, September 3, around 21:30. See you there, Adam

The presentations shown during the very fruitfull PARIS collaboration meeting, held in York 8-9 May 2008, can be found here.

PARIS-GASPARD synergy WG - by Adam_Maj 06/05/2008 @ 23:04

Following the suggestion of the SAC and conclusions of the commonPARIS-GASPARD meeting (Orsay, 14th of Februaryl 2008).a common synergy group was set up between PARIS and GASPARD.This working group consists at the time being of 5 persons:coordinator J.A. Scarpaci (PARIS+GASPARD, Orsay), M. Labiche (GASPARD, Daresbury), D. Jenkins (PARIS, York), W. Catford (GASPARD, Surrey) and J.P. Wieleczko (PARIS, GANIL).The project leaders (A. Maj - PARIS, D. Beaumel - GASPARD), after common agreement, might nominate additional members of this WG. The goal of this common group is to try to find out, if a compatible design for GASPARD and PARIS is possible, and propose simulations that have to be carried out by the 2 collaborations. In addition another possible objects of a synergy, for common/compatible electronics, should investigated.The project leaders will overlook the work of this WG and report the results to the SAC.

granularity of PARIS - by Adam Maj 03/05/2008 @ 08:39

The result of the excercise of Michal Ciemala to find the minimu nr of detectors which will still have desired energy resolution despite the Doppler broadening can be found here.

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