SAC recommendations - by Adam Maj 25/02/2009 @ 12:35

The recommendation after SAC meeting in January 2009 can be found here.

There was a PARIS Extended Management Board meeting in Caen on 27th January 2009. Here you can find the minutes (and presentation) from the Open and Closed part of this meeting.

Netron response tests - by Adam_Maj 09/12/2008 @ 01:30

Small lab tests were performed by the York group on a 1.5" LaBr3:Ce detector with a241Am/9Be Alpha source. The report that followed is based on theself-activity of the crystal as well as the effects of neutronactivation on the detector. It was determined that the majority ofgamma emission in the spectra after neutron activation were due toexcited states of La and Br (140La, 80Br and 82Br). The crystals werealso tested to see if Pulse Shape Discrimination was possible. It wasfound that (n,gamma)discrimination was not possible. The report can be found here.

Oliver Roberts

PARIS WG-leaders meeting - by Adam_Maj 07/12/2008 @ 12:22

Short PARIS WG leaders meeting will be held during Spiral2Week 2009. It will be on Tuesday, 27th of January from 11:00 til 13:00,in the conference site (Memorial Caen). The agenda will include discussions, with very short introductory presentation of the WGs, on simulation, mechanical designs, detectors and(maybe) electronics. All others interested in PARIS are welcome to joint the meeting. Please do not forget to register to the Spiral2workshop and in addition confirm to me your presence (just to know whatkind of room we will need). The SP2 Week site is

The SPIRAL2 Peparatory Phase FP7 project, in which PARIS is part of, has been finally signed  by the European Commission. It is indeed very good news! Adam

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