New PARIS webmaster - by Adam Maj 24/09/2012 @ 10:43

PARIS web page was created and nicely managed for couple of years by Szymon Myalski (IFJ PAN Krakow). Presently Szymon, after obtaing Ph.D. thesis, is working for the XFEL project.

Therefore from 2012 the PARIS web page will be managed by the new PARIS webmaster Mateusz Krzysiek (IFJ PAN Krakow) ( Please contact him for the PARIS web page related matter.

In the MAIN section, under DOCUMENTS, few recent reports are available: a) Possible experiments to characterize PARIS; b) Detector WG report; c) Possible PARIS mechanical designs.

The annual PARIS collaboration meeting will be held in Bormio (Italy) on 21 February 2012, in connection to the workshop on New Scintillators Arrays organized by Milano. The preliminary agenda of the collaboration meeting can be found here. If you want to attend, please constact or .

See PRESENTATIONS shown during the meeting. 

A Momerandum of Understading to build, within 4 years, the PARIS Demonstrator (5 clusters of 9 phoswich detectors each) has been agreed between folowing partners: IN2P3 (France), COPIN (Poland), GANIL (France), TIFR/BARC/VECC (India), INFN (Italy), U. York (UK), IFIN-HH (Romania), INRNE (Bulgaria) and Turkey.

On 16th of January the first 5 partners (IN2P3, COPIN, GANIL, IFIN-HH and Turkey) signed the MoU (see Photo1 and Photo2), what means that the MoU is effective. The signatures from other partners are expected soon.

PARIS collaboration meeting - by Adam Maj 21/10/2010 @ 23:26

Next PARIS collaboration meeting will thake place in Strasbourg from 12 to 14 January 2011. Please register at .

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