The workshop on Physics with large arrays of novel scintillators will be held on 15th and 16th January 2014 at the Jury's Inn Custom House Hotel in Dublin, Ireland. The workshop is jointly supported by the IOP Nuclear Physics Group and the PARIS collaboration. A webpage:

Abstracts for short talks are being accepted with deadline of 15th November

During the 1st PARIS Collaboration Council (PCC) held at IPN Orsay on May 28th, 2013, a new chairman of the PCCl (beeing also the PARIS spokesman) was elected for 2 years term - David Jenkins (York). Congratulations, Dave!

First PARIS Collaboration Council meeting will take place at IPN Orsay on May 28th, 9:30.

A PARIS-INDIA collaboration meeting is organized at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India, during 10th- 12th January 2013. The meeting will focus on probing nuclear structure using high energy gamma rays as a probe and review the status of activities of PARIS collaboration. The scope for active participation in the detector R&D and physics experiments will be discussed.

The meeting will consist of invited talks and discussion sessions.  The total number of participants will be restricted to about 50 due to limited availability of accommodation. Participation will be by invitation only. Interested participants can register here.

Non- Indian Citizens will need a visa and also need to submit the information in prescribed format before 15th Oct. 2012.
For details consult the meeting web page:

The first PARIS Steering Committee (PSC) meeting was held 28.08. 2012 in Zakopane (Poland).  PSC consists of delegates from the PARIS Demonstrator MoU partners. At the first meeting Faical Azaiez (IN2P3 France) was elected as the PSC chair and Vandana Nanal (India) as co-chair for 2-years term.

PSC appointed Adam Maj (IFJ PAN Krakow, Poland) as the new PARIS Project Manager.

Paris Project Manager proposed and after consensus with the PSC appointed new Working Groups and their coordinators:
       Geant4 simulation: Oliver Stezowski (Lyon)
       Detectors: Oliver Dorvaux (Strasbourg)
       Electronics and DAQ: Piotr Bednarczyk (Krakow)
       Mechanical integrations: Iolanda Matea (Orsay)
       New materials and synergy with GANAS: David Jenkins (York)
       Data analysis: Silvia Leoni (Milano)

In addition Christell Schmitt (GANIL) was appointed as the GANIL campaign Spokesperson.

The minutes from the first PARIS Steering Committee Meeting

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