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2. Geant4 simulation

3. Mechanical design scenarios

4. Detectors

5. Electronics

6. Preparation of FP7 project


COMEX5 Conference - by Adam Maj 10/03/2015 @ 17:21

The COMEX5 conference (to be held in Krakow, September 14-18, 2015) is open for registration:

Dear colleagues,
The next meeting of the ALTO Program Advisory Committee will be held at IPN Orsay in 16th and 17th of March, 2015.
By this message we invite proposals for beam time (or Letters of Intent) to be considered at this next PAC meeting. Beam time requests for the period of March 2015 to February 2016 will be examined. This includes the period dedicated to the PARIS@ALTO campaign, see the announcement below and attached file.
Proposals are due by February 20th, 2015, in electronic format. Attached is the cover letter to be filled and sent together with the proposal itself (preferably pdf or doc format) to:
This PAC will consider applications for both stable or cluster beams and radioactive ion beams.
Informations on the ALTO facility are available at :,5
A list of available (radioactive and stable) ion beams can be found at:
For further informations on the installations available at the ALTO facility, please contact the persons in charge:
ORGAM, PARIS, gamma spectroscopy - I. Matea (
BACCHUS spectrometer - D. Suzuki (
SplitPole Spectrometer - I. Stefan (
BEDO/TETRA setups - D. Verney ( LICORNE (neutron beam) setup - J. Wilson (
Laser Source - S. Franchoo (
Cluster Beams - M. Chabot (
All the best wishes for 2015,
Iolanda Matea, Scientific Secretary of ALTO PAC PS
The PARIS@ALTO campaign
The ALTO facility at IPN Orsay will host the available PARIS clusters (3 to 4) for a period running in automn-winter 2015.
Further information about this campaign can be found  here.
In order to prepare in the best conditions this campaign, we invite spokespersons to communicate a draft proposal of their experiment 2 weeks in advance of the official dead line, i.e. before February 9th, 2015 to the campaign manager:
This will help in particular the Management Board of PARIS to investigate the technical feasibility of the proposed experiments and to return comments to the IPN PAC.
For further information, please contact the campaign manager: I. Matea. The final proposals are in any case expected for February 20th for evaluation by the PAC.

ANSRI 2015 Workshop - by Adam Maj 14/11/2014 @ 11:01

A workshop on the "Applications of Novel Scintillators for Research and Industry" will take place on the O'Brien Centre for Science at University College Dublin, Ireland from the 12th to the 14th January, 2015
Information on the workshop can be found here: 

Dear colleagues,
As you may know, the PARIS collaboration council met in January and agreed to recommend to the PARIS management that a campaign of initial experiments could be carried out at Orsay in  the second half of 2015. As a means of gathering interest and exchanging ideas for proposals for this campaign, we intend to hold a workshop in Orsay on 24th and 25th November 2014. Website of the workshop:
The outcome of the workshop should be a collection of ideas for experiments with PARIS clusters (and ancillary detectors) which can be worked up into full proposals to be submitted to the Orsay PAC. The format and detailed planning of this workshop will be announced in due course but please put these dates in your diary if you are interested in attending this workshop. In the meantime, we attach some information on what is foreseen for infrastructure for such a campaign (see file) and a list of available beams (see file1 and file2) at the Orsay Tandem.
David Jenkins, Chair, PARIS Collaboration Council
Iolanda Matea, Campaign Manager for PARIS@ALTO campaign 

PARIS WGs meeting in Bormio - by Adam Maj 15/02/2014 @ 12:07

Joint PARIS Working Groups meeting will be held in Bormio (Italy) on Wednesday (19.02) from 14:30 till 16:30.
The place of the meeting: small seminar room in the Miramonti Hotel.
The meeting will concern  4 PARIS WGs: Detectors, Electronics, Data Analysis, and  Mechanical Integration.
These groups are especially important in view of forthcoming real experiments of PARIS with AGATA in the  GANIL Campaigne, and futher PARIS campaignes.
The preliminary agenda, including short contributions, is following.
1. Detectors WG (O. Dorvaux, S. Kihel, ...) 
2. Data Analysis WG (S. Leoni, M. Ciemala, V. Nanal, B. Wasilewska, .... ):               
3. Mechanical Integration WG (I. Matea, A. Maj,....)                            
4. Electronics WG (P. Bednarczyk, M. Jastrzab, S. Brambilla,...) 
5. Discussion (A. Maj + all)
All PARIS working group members are invited to join.
Adam Maj

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