Conclusions of the PARIS meeting in Krakow, written up by David and Adam, can be found here.

There will be possible to participate online in Krakow meeting 12-14 May 2007.

To do that you should:

-run WindowsXP
-install .NET 1.1 Framework [link]
-install ConferenceXP [link]

Configure program:
-at first startum enter your name
-select services from FILE menu:

-write ifj-conxp server address as shown below:

[select advanced options, add server address and afterwards select it from menu]

In case of difficulties please write for additional support: szymon.myalski[-a-t-]

Krakow meeting 14-15 May 2007 - by Adam_Maj 03/05/2007 @ 21:32

Information on the PARIS Krakow meeting can befound  at

See you soon,

FORUM usage - by Webmaster 26/04/2007 @ 00:42

Instead of discussion it could be better to use forum area. It;s just a matter of proper categories. Write me for support in this matter

New PARIS website - by Szymon Myalski 25/04/2007 @ 16:52

just launched

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