1. Physics cases

2. Geant4 simulation

3. Mechanical design scenarios

4. Detectors

5. Electronics

6. Preparation of FP7 project


In order to start working on the segmentation of Paris, we have written a short report in which different effects (that don't need any complex simulations to be treated) are studied namely Doppler shift, Doppler broadening and pile-up.
As well, during the last meeting, we all summarized the requirements for the different physics cases. The table is included in this report. It might be incomplete, so if there is anything that should be added/modified, let us know as soon as possible!

It is indeed crucial to define clearly the performances we would like to start designing the proper geometry. This report is a working document, your questions/comments/additions will make it better!


The first report on the PARIS GEANT4 simulations can now be downloaded from the web page here

The Paris package has grown and a new version (1.2) is available.

In the previous version, it was not possible to select the main configuration file (always setup/ It is now possible from the command line:
Paris -c name-of-the-configfile
As well, individual modules (generator,geometry,analysis) can be initialized from other files that the default ones (see

It is now possible to save also in the ascii output file time of flight informations for any hit, if needed. Of course the new ParisBaseAsciiReader.C is able to read back this value in a root session.

Instead of recording any hits in the output file (tracker mode), you can select the calorimeter mode that stores just one hit per detector (it sums the energies and give a mean position and time, weighted by the energies of all the impacts). It might not be useful in case of one or two perfect shells, but it will be needed in segmented geometries (be careful, it has not been yet fully tested).

If you have any problems to install/run this new version, please report.

I asked Szymon to activate the rss link in the news section of the Paris web site so that you can be informed of any news without having to browse the web site. However, if you prefere to be informed of any news concerning simulations by regular e-mail, send me an e-mail so that I will add you to the mailing list related to simulations (which is empty for the moment!)

Finally, it would be great to exchange informations on how simulations progess in the different teams involved. You can write a report and post it yourself one the web site. If you don't have time, please send me few sentences by email. I will publish an article to summarize things. Every two months seems a reasonable time. Since the last meeting was one month ago, this article will be posted about mid-july.

Looking forward to hearing from you


frown If you had downloaded the package before 28th June, a file was missing. Sorry for that. It should be ok now (thanks to Margo)!
Paris package version 1.2
Paris User's guide version 1.2

The inventory of LaBr3 crystals in the PARIS collaboration, as compiled by D. Jenkins, can be found here

A common PARIS-R3B-GASPARD-... proposal for JRA@EURONS2 on novel calorimeters can be found here

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