2. Geant4 simulation - c) Progress on simulation: First report
Dear all,

As mentionned in a previous news, here is a short report on what has been done since the last meeting concerning simulations for Paris (at least what I know about):

The first extensive studies have been performed (see Christelle's note). It shows that a crude segmentation in depth (2 shells of different materials) may offer interesting possibilities with a rather high number of gammas which are fully absorbed by only one shell, and at the same time, additional possibilities provided a reliable reconstruction procedure is applied for those gammas depositing energy in the two shells.
With a depth around 5cm for an inner shell of LaBr3, the two shells play a different role i.e. the first one acts as a calorimeter while the second one completes the detection of GDR like gammas.
The first studies show how gamma-rays in the Paris' energy domain [50keV-40MeV] are absorbed. Such knowledge is needed to work on (theta,phi) segmentations but also to get an idea of what could be the possible addback algorithms.

A short study concerning the segmentation shows a 10 degrees opening angle for a single cell is likely to fulfill the different physics cases. This corresponds to few hundred units to cover four pi!

The current release number of the Paris package is now 1.4. Thanks to Michal, it includes now a new geometry (segmented) composed of LaBr3 crystals follow by a large BGO crystal.

Here is the tarball: Paris1.4.tar.gz

Have nice holidays and see you in september to keep on working on Paris's simulations!


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Last update : 22/07/2008 @ 16:48
Category : 2. Geant4 simulation

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