2. Geant4 simulation - a) Information
Coordinator: Olivier Stezowski (Lyon)


The intention is that all simulations will be carried out with GEANT4.

Scenarios envisaged:

There are a number of scenarios which might be considered for simulation:

The simplest is a single shell consisting of existing detectors e.g. Chateau de Cristal in which case detector dimensions are fixed and performance is well benchmarked by experiment.

The second would be a single shell of new detectors (large crystals) to a more optimum 4pi or 2pi coverage.

The third would be two concentric shells. The inner consisting of novel scintillator material types and the outer of BaF or similar.

Parameters needed:

We need to fix on physical parameters such as granularity and detector-target distances. This requires interaction with design and mechanical WG. ‚��Typical‚�� values from existing arrays can be used in the first instance.

We need to determine the detector materials.

We need to fix on the reference gamma rays for the simulation. A possible list would be 667-keV (137-Cs), 1.333-MeV (60-Co) and 10-MeV gamma lines. Presumably we need to input real resolutions and for this interaction with those testing detectors is required. A functional response would be the most useful.

We need to decide on typical reaction kinematics which might apply and thus what Doppler shifting/broadening is to be expected.

Response to other types of particle should be considered.

Simulation repository:

A repository will be setup of simulation codes and representative outputs

Human resources for GEANT4 (or EGS) simulations of PARIS:

O. Stezowski (coordinator) - Lyon
C. Schmitt - Lyon,GANIL
M. Ciemała, M. Chelstowka, A. Maj, M. Kmiecik - Krakow,
O. Roberts, D. Jenkins - York,
S. Courtin - Strassbourg
M. Labiche - Daresbury
I. Mazumdar, G.A. Kumar - TIFR Mumbai
D.R. Chakrabarty, V. Nanal - BARC Mumbai

+N.N. Other

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